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Working With A Law Firm That Embraces Technology

Magleby Cataxinos, has built one of the most technologically advanced firms in Salt Lake City by consistently investing the resources to remain on the cutting edge and having a keen appreciation of how technology can maximize results for clients.

Our investment in technology helps us streamline cases from the first document reviewed all the way through post-trial practice. This enables us to keep costs down and present the most effective evidence in court. Technology has changed the way we do things and the legal profession should be no different. Lawyers who understand technology are in a better position to represent clients who work with technology.

Magleby Cataxinos,is a Salt Lake City, Utah, law firm that relies on digital information and technology. The firm’s trial lawyers are up to speed in many forms of technology including:

  • Electronic discovery
  • Electronic document and case management
  • Computer forensic practices for obtaining and preserving critical information
  • Enhanced digital presentation of evidence in court
  • Demonstrated success and understanding of sensitive intellectual property and software issues
  • Use of smart phones, laptops, and all available operating systems to keep attorneys better connected and able to transmit information in a more efficient manner

Technology In Case Management

The trial lawyers use technology to streamline their practice to become as paperless as is practical. All of the casework files are indexed electronically so that documents can be accessed quickly. Pleadings, correspondence and key documents are all stored electronically for better quality. This paperless office can be taken with the lawyers to court as the courts themselves are becoming more technologically savvy.

The firm’s attorneys have a keen understanding of how technology has changed the landscape of business. The attorneys know what a metadata discrepancy is and why there may be a need to mirror image a hard drive. The firm has successfully represented clients in cases involving algorithm theft, object code theft, software plagiarism and source code theft.

The firm has invested heavily in technology to allow the attorneys and staff to be more effective. We are able to send and receive large information files via e-mail, and can process many commonly used document types. We have also invested in having fast and nimble servers that quickly process e-mail and provide backup and redundancy in case of data failure. In the event of a data failure, the firm has the best tools available to quickly return the firm to maximum efficiency.

The firm’s lawyers use technology to make a carefully presented and strategic case to the judge or jury that can be understood. Juries appreciate lawyers who know how to use technology that assists in developing understanding of the key points in a case.

After a case is concluded, the firm’s attorneys interview jurors to learn how to better present a case. Jurors have responded that they appreciate an exact and precise record, and that using technology to present complex information is efficient, saves time, and communicates the information effectively.

Using Technology In The Courtroom

The firm’s lawyers use technology to make a carefully presented and strategic case to the judge or jury. The firm has invested in trial presentation software that allows the attorneys to quickly navigate through many different forms of digital media in a hearing or trial environment. Jurors have expressed an appreciation of the precision, clarity, and efficiency of this practice. The use of technology to present complex information saves time and money and most importantly, it works.

Judges and juries love it. The credibility of a witness can be called into question when the firm videotapes the deposition and thereby documents the witness hesitating or stumbling for words. The firm’s attorneys have mastered the art of video depositions and presenting documents to juries on a screen. If a judge requests additional information during a bench trial or hearing, the attorneys have it on hand to present immediately.

The preparation and presentation of exhibits can be a surprisingly compelling portion of a well-argued case. The firm relies on digital information and technology rather than out dated practices, copies made from copies, and large stacks of faxed documents and file folders.

Contact An Attorney For Powerful Advocacy In Difficult Cases

The firm uses the latest technology to represent clients in civil and commercial litigation matters. To discuss a legal issue related to intellectual property litigation, business tort, fraud or any complex civil litigation matter, please either call 866-928-7962 locally or 866-928-7962 toll free, or contact the firm via e-mail.