Business and Civil Litigation

Attorneys at Magleby Cataxinos & Greenwood represent parties involved in commercial disputes, whether between business and vendor or consumer and seller. Most transactions in the business world are consummated without any problems. For that reason, many parties participate in informal agreements that may be followed by a purchase order, bill of lading, and invoice—processes governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Business disputes arise when written or implied contracts and agreements fail to provide for exceptional events or when documentation of the agreements leaves room for misunderstanding.

Elements of Successful Business Dispute Resolution

The firm’s lawyers have successfully handled resolution of business disputes through litigation or pretrial negotiation in cases ranging in size from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, and in scope from the straightforward to the complex. Their guiding principle in business litigation is to listen until they understand the client’s business.

In all cases, including high-stakes cases referred to as “bet the company,” lawyers must analyze the facts in light of accepted practices within the industry, the impact on the client, and motivations of parties involved. They must then prepare a compelling case, articulating for the judge or jury how the facts should be construed in that overall context.

Businesses are at risk not only when a contract or informal agreement fails to function as expected, but in a number of other situations. The attorneys are adept advocates, and when a situation is not covered by a contract will consider a variety of business torts that may provide the client with a claim under Utah law.

The firm is prepared to handle a wide variety of business disputes involving large dollar amounts or complex issues, including those involving: