Patent Preparation and Prosecution

If you are searching for a top patent attorney to represent you, consider MCG in Salt Lake City. The firm’s lawyers have filed thousands of U.S. and foreign patent applications for utility and design concepts. Representative technologies include, for example, chemicals, agricultural plants and chemicals, food production sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, industrial devices and processes, semiconductors, medical devices, nanotechnology, computer software, and business methods.

Our patent professionals possess decades of experience in industry and advanced degrees in their technical fields. Our professionals strategically prepare and prosecute patent applications through close collaboration with the scientific contributors to the patent to create enforceable patents providing strong commercial protection for inventions.

MCG professionals also have extensive experience with standards and patent rules, both in the United States and in patent offices around the world. Through a network of associated foreign associates, MCG is able to provide an efficient and successful prosecution strategy for foreign filing and prosecution.