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Computer Code And Source Code Copyright Disputes: Intellectual Property Attorneys

Computer code cases are a very specific type of intellectual property. Assembly code, high-level source code and algorithm design can take a long time to develop and much less time to steal.

An algorithm has an underlying source code, which is a valuable recipe that an entire business can be built upon. Proving that a competitor or other entity has misappropriated a source code is intellectual property litigation of a very complex nature, and software plagiarism is hard to prove.

Magleby Cataxinos, has computer experts, forensic engineers and other specialists who can analyze the code and its underlying algorithm as well as the documents and procedures used during the code development. Attorney Parrish has an M.B.A. from the University of Utah and worked in the computer software industry writing source code prior to studying law. Our trial lawyers understand computer code and know how to make a compelling case that a judge or jury will understand.

Types Of Cases

The firm represents clients in the following types of issues:

Representative case: ClearOne v. Chiang — ClearOne, a developer and seller of products in the teleconferencing industry, filed an action against former employees and their subsequent employer alleging misappropriation of trade secrets regarding audio digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms used to enhance sound quality in audio conferencing. Two orders, including a permanent injunction order prohibiting, among other things, the use of infringing computer code and products by Biamp Systems Corporation and WideBand Solutions, Inc. were issued by the federal court in favor of ClearOne Communications Inc.

High-Tech Attorneys For IP Litigation

Life in the Valley Magazine reported that Utah ranks 12th in electro-medical equipment manufacturing, 13th in Internet services, 13th in software publishing and 17th in communications equipment manufacturing employment. Magleby Cataxinos is a Salt Lake City law firm that represents many firms in Utah’s computer industry.

An IP case is frequently an overlap of several areas of law as well as areas of technology. An IP theft case may involve trade secrets and copyright or patent infringement. The attorneys at Magleby Cataxinos understand technology and use it to make a compelling and easy to understand argument for a judge or jury.

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