Handling a Wide Range of Contract Disputes

A contract is like the DNA of the business world. Contracts define a business relationship and form the structure upon which a partnership, corporation and business relationship is built. A contract is at the core of commercial organizations, and a contract violation is a significant part of a civil litigation practice.

The attorneys at Magleby Cataxinos & Greenwood, are experienced litigators with a track record of successfully representing defendants or claimants in business litigation related to contract disputes. The firm’s clients and cases include:

Understanding and Proving Intent in Ambiguous Contracts

Even though contracts are written by lawyers, not all of them are well written. Many clients come to the firm as either the plaintiff or the defendant with breach of contract issues related to ambiguous language, definitions, assertions or even timelines. The firm can create a finely-crafted contract, but is more frequently involved in litigation when there is a contract dispute.

In some instances, the firm’s attorneys will seek to convince the court that contract language or terms are unambiguous and that a ruling is possible.

If the contract language or terms are ambiguous, the firm will seek to convince the court of the intent of the parties and examine performance after signing. The situation that led up to contract, the standard definitions used in the contract and the intent of the contract are all factors that are presented to the court. Depositions are an important aspect of determining intent. The attorneys make certain that witnesses are properly prepared for deposition.

Powerful Advocacy for Breach of Contract Litigation

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