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Complex Litigation Across Multiple Jurisdictions

Complex litigation can take a turn toward confusion when parties begin suing and counter-suing in multiple jurisdictions. Party A sues Party B in New York, so Party B sues Party A in Utah. Party A then files another suit in a third state where a potential loophole exists pertaining to a particular fact. Very quickly, the lawsuit involves multiple law firms, multiple state courts and multiple co-plaintiffs or codefendants.

Multi-jurisdictional litigation is about managing the process efficiently as well as effectively. Magleby Cataxinos, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, represents clients based in diverse locations — Japan and Europe as well as Philadelphia and Provo. In some instances, the firm will get the case in the non-Utah jurisdiction dismissed. In other cases, the firm will have the case transferred to Utah. A third option is to have the suit changed to a corporate defendant rather than an individual defendant, or vice versa. Attorney James Magleby has successfully obtained significant judgments in multi-jurisdiction litigation.

Representative case: ClearOne Communications, a Utah corporation, Plaintiff, v. Andrew Chiang — An individual, Jun Yang, an individual, Lonny Bowers, an individual, WideBand Solutions, Inc., a Massachusetts corporation, and Biamp Systems Corporation, an Oregon corporation, Defendants. Magleby Cataxinos successfully represented ClearOne Communications, Inc. and received a multimillion-dollar damages award after a 2 1/2-week jury trial in this federal trade secret misappropriation case.

Multijurisdiction Experience ∙ Multitalented Trial Lawyers

The firm’s attorneys are prepared to consider complicated legal issues in light of the testimony of hundreds of witnesses, thousands of documents and fact patterns spanning decades. Such cases may require many months of trial preparation, including numerous of court filings, multi-day depositions and multiple expert witnesses. Successful representation requires that the extensive bank of data compiled in connection with the case be reduced to a concise and compelling presentation for a judge or jury.

The trial lawyers have experience with the following types of multi-jurisdiction issues:

  • Responding to judgments
  • Motions to dismiss
  • Resolving jurisdictional issues
  • Coordinating with other law firms to ensure consistency
  • Defending against frivolous lawsuits
  • Collecting on judgments
  • Pro hac vice appearances

Powerful Advocacy For Breach Of Contract Litigation

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