The following are some of the publications authored by members of Magleby Cataxinos & Greenwood, during their careers:

Edgar R. Cataxinos

Edgar Cataxinos, The Inventiveness of Enantiomers, Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review, (2009).

Edgar Cataxinos, A primer on patent due diligence, Reprint FW April , (2010).

Edgar Cataxinos, Patent Reexamination Practice and Strategy, Reprint FW July , (2010).

James E. Magleby

James E. Magleby, Hospital Mergers and Antitrust Policy , 21 Antitrust Bull. 137 (1996).

James E. Magleby, The Constitutionality of Utah’s Medical Malpractice Damages Cap , 21 J. Contemp. L. 217 (1995).

James E. Magleby, The Recovery of Attorney Fees in Utah , 23 J. Contemp. L. 379 (1997).

James E. Magleby, co-author, Justices of the Utah Supreme Court, 1896-1996 (1997).

Christine T. Greenwood

Christine T. Greenwood, co-author, Utah Chapter of Survey of State Class Action Law , A.B.A. Sec. Litig. (2001 & 2002 eds.).

Greg Wayment

Greg Wayment, Getting That First Job as a Paralegal, Utah Bar Journal (Jan./Feb. 2019).

Greg Wayment, Choosing the Right Document Management Software for your Firm, Utah Bar Journal (May./June. 2018).

Greg Wayment, 2017 Salary Survey, 31 Utah Bar J.1 (Jan./Feb. 2018).

Greg Wayment, Client Intake for Paralegals, Utah Bar J.3 (May/Jun. 2017).

Greg Wayment, The Litigation Paralegal’s Role at Trial, Utah Bar Journal (Nov./Dec. 2016)

Greg Wayment, Civility for Paralegals , 19 Utah Bar J. 40 (Nov./Dec. 2006).

Adam Alba

Adam Alba, In Utah, Scanning a Person’s Face or Iris to Determine Identity is a Search Justified Only in Limited Circumstances, Utah Bar Journal (Nov. 2011).